With foreword by Dr. Albert Ellis


A Cognitive Approach

Written by Dr. Mark Berber

Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy (or CBT) is a popular type of psychotherapy or talk therapy.

CBT alleviates anxiety, depression, and other disorders by helping patients to understand the links between our THOUGHTS, FEELINGS & BEHAVIOURS.

Although many ancient philosophers identified these links it was Dr. Paul Dubois, a Swiss neurologist who presented the concepts in a manner that therapists would find practical and effective. Dr. Dubois' textbook "The Psychic Treatment of Nervous Disorders" was published in 1906 and remains a classic to this day.

In more recent years, the late Dr. Albert Ellis, a psychologist and Dr. Aaron Beck, a psychiatrist, refined, developed and popularized the strategies proposed by Dr. Dubois.

The principles of CBT have been developed to treat many types of psychiatric illnesses and Dr. Berber's website recommends several textbooks that use these CBT principles.